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G. Michael Huffman
Sport Aviation Specialties, LLC

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Manufacturers Association

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About Us

Sport Aviation Specialties is operated by Michael Huffman, who has been involved with sport flying for more than 40 years. Listed below are some of the highlights of his career. See our Gallery page for photos and information about some of the aircraft listed below.

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
    • Master of Chemical Engineering- Composites

  • FAA certificates and ratings
    • Basic Ground Instructor certificate- 1967
    • Private Pilot SEL certificate- 1968
    • A&P Mechanic certificate- 1971
    • Commercial Pilot rating- 1974
    • Instrument rating- 1978
    • Designated Airworthiness Representative- 2005
    • Inspection Authorization- 2015

  • Aircraft restorations
    • Stinson 108-2- 1977-won the EAA Classic Custom Aircraft Award, Class B at Oshkosh 1979.

    • Boeing N2S-3- 1980-won the Best Military Classic award at Oshkosh 1980

    • Fairchild 24W-40- 1982

    • Piper PA-22/20- 1987

    • Piper J-3- 2004

    • Piper PA-22-108- 2005

    • Cessna 140- 2015

  • Amateur-built aircraft built, certificated, and flown
    • Original design- 1974

    • Steen Skybolt- 1976-sold to singer John Denver; appeared in John's network TV specials and the EAA "Wings on Dreams" video.

    • Bede BD-8- 1980-one-of-a-kind competition aerobatic aircraft designed by Jim Bede; featured center spread in the January 1981 issue of Sport Aviation.

    • Quickie Q200- 1982

  • Other amateur-built aircraft projects
    • Stits Skycoupe- engine relocation- 1980

    • Designed and partially constructed a replica of a 1928 Air King OX-5-powered biplane- 1983

    • Designed and built portions of Quickie Aircraft Corporation's non-stop round-the-world aircraft, Free Enterprise- 1982

    • Performed flight testing of new canard design on Quickie Aircraft Corporation's Q-200- 1983

    • Quickie Q2- engine change from VW to Continental O-200- 1984

    • Quickie Q2- building & replacement of canard with a new design- 1984

    • Questair Venture- assisted a friend in the building process- 1995

    • Bede BD-4- restoration following years of being out of service- 1997

    • Breezy- complete rebuild following an accident- 2004

  • Performed many 100-hour inspections on standard-category and amateur-built aircraft

  • Employment experience in aircraft design & manufacturing
    • Windecker Research- Chief Inspector-design, type certification, & manufacturing of the first type-certificated all-composite aircraft 1968-1970

    • Brittain Industries- Chief Engineer-obtained STC for VOR tracker add-on to Brittain autopilots- 1973

    • Rockwell International- Senior Quality Engineer-served as quality assurance representative on several aerospace design/fabrication projects- 1973-1978

    • Airplane Alley- Owner-owned business specializing in custom restoration of aircraft. Was also a dealer for Quickie Aircraft Corporation- 1979-1984

    • FlightSafety International-Manager of Electrical Engineering- design and manufacturing of aircraft flight simulators- 1984-1989

    • IVEX Corporation- Director of Engineering-design and manufacturing of visual display systems for aircraft simulators- 1989-1992

    • FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR), performing airworthiness certifications of amateur-built & light-sport aircraft; performing FAA conformity inspections for manufacturers obtaining type certificates, supplemental type certificates, etc.;issuing domestic and export airworthiness approvals for articles per 14 CFR part 21-2005-Present

  • Experience in training, public speaking, & writing
    • Taught aviation ground schools in Detroit, MI- 1967

    • Taught various training courses as part of his aerospace employment, including training non-English-speaking Chinese engineers on the complex technology used in a simulator visual display systems

    • Participate in speakers bureaus at Rockwell International and other companies

    • Present informative and humorous presentations at aviation gatherings

    • Published The Oklahoma Aviator newspaper- 2000-2004

    • Conduct FAA accepted experimental light-sport repairman courses at locations all across the U.S.--more than 100 courses to date.

  • Other qualifications
    • Member of EAA since 1968

    • EAA Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor- since 2004