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Over the years, we have built, restored, and/or designed about twenty different aircraft. Along the way, we have also been involved with other interesting airplanes. Here are photos of some of the them. Just click on the thumbnails for a larger view and more information.

  • Windecker Eagle- the first type-certificated all-composite aircraft 1968-1970

    Windecker Photo

  • Original design- 1974

    Original Design Photo

  • Steen Skybolt- 1976-sold to singer John Denver; appeared in John's network TV specials and the EAA "Wings on Dreams" video.

    Skybolt Photo

  • Stinson 108-2- 1977-won the EAA Classic Custom Aircraft Award, Class B at Oshkosh 1979.

    Stinson Photo

  • Bede BD-8- 1980-one-of-a-kind competition aerobatic aircraft designed by Jim Bede; featured center spread in the January 1981 issue of Sport Aviation.

    BD-8 Photo

  • Boeing N2S-3- 1980-won the Best Military Classic award at Oshkosh 1980

    N2S-3 Photo

  • Fairchild 24W-40- 1982

    Fairchild 24 Photo

  • Quickie Q200- 1982

    Quickie Q200 Photo

  • Quickie Aircraft Corporation's non-stop round-the-world aircraft, Free Enterprise- 1983

    Free Enterprise Photo

  • Piper PA-22/20- 1987

    Piper PA-22/20 Photo

  • Bede BD-4- restoration following years of being out of service- 1997

    BD-4 Photo

  • Piper J-3- 2004

    Piper J-3 Photo

  • Breezy- complete rebuild following an accident- 2004

    Breezy Photo

  • Piper Colt- 2006

  • Phantom X-1- 2009

  • HondaJet- 2005-2016

  • Cessna 140- 2015